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Covid has accelerated digital adoption by ten years with 40% of employees switching to omnichannel or digital-only engagements and 68% of the human resource have adopted automation.

The future of work would evolve to go beyond employees to include GIG workers, crowdsourcing who would work in collaborative workspaces or remotely with fluid work schedules. Organizations are also evolving to ensure that engagement with employees and their ecosystem of resourcing remains tight and not get eroded.

The key technology enabler for 24/7 engagement is often powered by human-liked virtual assistant in the many areas from HR administration, recruitment & onboarding to day-to-day tasks like scheduling, requests etc.

In this webinar, we are going to walkthrough how business support functions are adjusting to enable the Future of Work and how A.I. technologies on Laiye's platform can transform internal engagements with:​

· 24/7 conversational A.I. as a virtual assistant for employees and flexible resource pool as well as potential candidates

· Human-like conversations to guide users in an enquiry like benefits or share work culture with potential candidates

· Working virtual assistant that can perform task like reading documents submitted (i.e. passport) and processing them with backend systems (i.e. HRMS), for example: employee onboarding process

· A.I. contextual search across disparate repositories for information that users can leverage on to quickly find information required


Ms. Pauline Yeo, Intelligent Automation Lead, BioQuest Advisory

Mr. Tauhid Abddul Jalil, Head of Customer Solutions & Operations (APAC), Laiye 

Mr. Thomas Yip, Sales Director SEA, Laiye

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