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A.I. is becoming mainstream across industries and according to Gartner, 70% of customer interactions are expected to involve emerging technologies such as machine learning applications, chatbots, and mobile messaging. 

The COVID-19 outbreak has expediate the adoption of digital customer engagements. Customers’ expectations of quality real-time personalized digital engagements have increased exponentially.


However, personalized customer experience is still limited to traditional ways via contact centers, sales representatives, retail staff etc., and the current simple dialogue chatbot is unable to meet new customers’ expectations from the latest channels. 

Therefore, the new generation of conversational A.I. is required to provide real-time personalized conversation, make recommendations, and perform transactions just like an excellent customer service or sales agent would do! ​


In this webinar, we are going to walkthrough how businesses are adjusting to meet the new level of customer expectations and how A.I. technologies on Laiye's platform can accelerate businesses to transform on:​

  • Providing effective omni-channels digital engagements with customers and prospects with human-like conversations

  • Hyper-personalized recommendation engine to drive revenue growth and customer loyalty

  • A.I. contextual search across disparate repositories for information to be use by contact center agents, chatbots or directly by customers on website

  • Working A.I. chatbot that not only provide information but also authenticate users and perform tasks like putting in a request, scheduling an appointment etc.


Ms. Pauline Yeo, Intelligent Automation Lead, BioQuest Advisory

Mr. Tauhid Abddul Jalil, Head of Customer Solutions & Operations (APAC), Laiye 

Mr. Thomas Yip, Sales Director SEA, Laiye

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