Branding and Marketing

At an era of social media, social & political upheaval, the fundamentals of branding & marketing remain timeless – research your market, develop your corporate identity, generate ideas, building content and present it to your audience. A good branding & marketing strategy helps businesses improve competitiveness, differentiate from competitors and ultimately convince the consumers to purchase their product or services.

The success of branding & marketing lies with building strong fundamentals while adapting to the fast-changing trends in social media advertising, visual language, personalisation of experience, employee ambassadors, environment & ethics etc.

At BioQuest, we customise our advisory process according to the desired outcome. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that the branding strategy are locked-in to the right organisation structure & touch-points, business operations and marketing content & effort.


Our services include:

Brand Strategy

  • Develop corporate brand identity

  • Business strategy, organisation and brand integration

  • Research, trend and analysis

  • Brand positioning and bench-marking

  • Messaging and story

  • Brand design and content

  • Customer journey design

  • Touch point design

  • Branding roadmap

  • Strategy renewal


Marketing Strategy

  • Market research

  • Product & services positioning in target market

  • Marketing channels (i.e. social media, video, chat, virtual reality etc.)

  • Marketing automation

  • Results analysis and success measurement

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