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Our world is made up of Connected Data that links up to tell a story.

You can be an engineer, healthcare practitioner, banker, insurer, marketer, accountant, auditor, risk manager, supply chain & procurement planner etc., you are constantly analyzing information to make decisions.

How can you harness on the wealth of data, both internal and external, to rapidly make discovery of the deep hidden relationships to drive hyper-personalized customer engagement and recommendations, ensure operational efficiency and continuity with real-time 360 impact analysis and next best actions, protect your organization with auto discovery of hidden fraud rings and do continuous internal controls monitoring?

Graph analytics can address all the above in real-time and solve the problem of having disparate and inconsistent data via Entity Resolution.


Gartner has predicted that 80% of data and analytics innovations will be using Graph Technology by 2025.


Graph can be applied to:

* Customer 360/Journey and create hyper-personalized recommendations via sales channels – sales representatives, bankers, agents or digital on chatbot, App, website, metaverse

* Marketing – link up your data with events, channels for accurate attributions to sales to drive hyper-targeted marketing campaigns

* Supply Chain Optimization – find the most cost effective and reliable route and operational process to meet SLA, recommend “Next Best Option” on a blockage, drive predictions and planning accuracy

* Fraud Detection – discover hidden fraud rings in real-time to address it timely to avoid financial and reputation losses; can be applied to banking, insurance claims, supply chain, procurement, public safety etc.

* Sustainability – tracing to ultimate beneficiaries and sources of raw materials in the complex supply chain of linkages to detect green washing and ensuring integrity of ESG reporting as the global regulations are fast evolving

* Compliance, Risk Management and Internal Audit – major risk events are often due to control failures in multiple business areas, use graph to link up all your silo data and do continuous monitoring to arrest any violation for timely resolutions

* Finance – create accurate forecasts with dynamic movements of both internal factors (capacity, resources, raw materials etc.) and external (macroeconomics, government purchasing cycle etc.) and drive reporting transparency with Graph Data Lineage to source

* Human Capital Management – model your human capital and their relationships with both internal (i.e. sales, performance, product, training etc.) and external factors (i.e. customer feedback, regulations etc.) to calculate employee360 and its related attributions, make recommendations for career path, training, hot skills, resourcing planning etc.

* Healthcare - connect the dots across your Healthcare operations to drive hyper-personalization in patient journey, preventive healthcare, professional career development & training as well as optimization of beds & facilities, dynamic & accurate financial planning and policy making and ensuring compliance and risk mitigation through continuous monitoring on internal controls.

* Others: IT & Network Resources Monitoring and Optimization, Cyber Security Threats, Digital Twins, Data Management

In this webinar, we are going to walk through the Graph technology on Neo4j the #1 global graph platform and how businesses and governments are leveraging on Graph technology to transform how they leverage on the wealth of data.


Ms. Pauline Yeo, Data Analytics Practice Lead, BioQuest Advisory

Mr. Robin Fong, Regional Sales Director, Neo4j

Mr. Ezhil Vendhan, APAC Partner Cloud Architect, Neo4j

Mr. Hubert Ng, Head of APAC Channels and Alliances, Neo4j

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