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During pandemic, Finance along with the rest of businesses struggle through with staff not in office resulting in disruptions and most significantly the lack of controls. People adapted and mindset changes as well. It is the dawn of the Future of Work, and it is time for CFOs to rethink about how Finance can transform with the advancing technologies to better partner business in a volatile world.


Intelligent Automation technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not new to Finance. In the last few years, many CFOs have embarked on the journey to automate repetitive work. With some of the most rudimentary tasks taken away, the pace of automation has slowed down considerably. However, the amount of work in Finance, especially during peak period of closing are still overwhelmingly high.


Is there more that can be done to alleviate this situation so that Accountants can truly be a Finance partner to the business? With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology, the answer is now Yes!  


For CFOs that are just exploring to start this journey, is it too late? No, its never a better time to start than now where the technologies are mature and easy for Finance users.


In this webinar, we are going to share how Finance can transform with greater flexibility, controls, efficiency, and business continuity with A.I. technologies on Laiye's platform.



Ms. Pauline Yeo, Finance Transformation Lead, BioQuest Advisory

Mr. Tauhid Abddul Jalil, Head of Customer Solutions & Operations (APAC), Laiye 

Mr. Iskandar Ahmat, Country Sales Director APAC, Laiye

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