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IT Enablement

Information technology is part of everyday life and businesses are also in a relentless pursue new IT enablers to ensure optimal processes and minimise human errors.

To reap the maximum potential of a IT enabler, it is more than just “implementing a system”.  

Before implementing a system, there is an onerous task in understanding the business case and the underlying problem, deciding on whether to build the system or find an off-the-shelf solution and planning the cost, resources and time required for implementation.

At BioQuest, we believe in providing an end-to-end solution to our client to ensure the intended objectives are achieved within the expected time-frame. Our consultants have extensive end-to-end IT implementation experience in ERP, back-office (Finance, Payroll, HR, Time-sheet) systems, biotechnology R&D software,quality management systems and profitability measurement systems.

Our services include:


  • Business case and investment estimations

  • Analysis on “Building a solution” vs “Buying a solution”

  • Business requirements gathering

  • Request for Purchase (RFP) process management


  • Project management

  • Functional specifications definition

  • Technical specifications definition

  • Building in-house solution or configuring the off-the-shelf solution

  • System Integration testing

  • User training

  • User acceptance testing

  • Deployment and go live

Bridging the systems and process gaps

Developing end-user-computing (EUCs) on MS Excel or Access (Visual Basics and SQL)

Strategic new technology feasibility evaluation