Post-Merger Integration

To realize the full synergy of combining two or more business entities, a seamless and smooth integration would be instrumental. However, business integration are often complex and multi-facets involving processes, regulatory, technology and people & culture. The success of the post-merger integration hinges on the concerted effort of various key functions (i.e. Finance, HR, IT, Regulatory, Process etc.) to work on challenges in the integration and make the right decisions for the post-merged organization. As merger involves people from both sides coming together to form an integrated organization, the neutral and independence of the integration project team also helps to build trust and harmony.

At BioQuest, our experienced consultants from various domain background (Finance, Process, IT, Regulatory) work in partnership with our clients  to plan, execute and deliver the newly merged organization. In addition to our technical skills, we bring forward the value of being independent and neutral.

Our services include:

  • Post-Merger Integration Planning and Communication

  • Post-Merger Execution 

  • Systems Integration

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