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We work with you on the journey from grant application to the delivery of your project and more...

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We believe that starting a project together is the building of a long term relationship. We strive to provide end-to-end partnering from the grant application to the project delivery and more future  projects together. Building on the knowledge about your business and trust would enable a long term fruitful partnership in the journey of enhancing business and technology capabilities in the fast changing competition landscape.

To provide transparency to our first time clients, here is how we begin our sincerity on our partnership with you.

1.    We meet you for a no-obligation discussion on your needs 
2.    We plan the project with you and assist in the grant application
3.    Upon approval of grant, we mobilize our team to start the project
4.    We work in partnership with you through the project 
5.    Upon completion, we assist you on the grant claims

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