Transforming Finance

Finance has transformed from the role of accounting and reporting to be an integral part of business. Today, Finance partners the business in business planning, investment analysis, profitability measurement, liquidity management and internal controls. The leading practice is forward looking to produce real-time performance measurement, scenario planning and simulations, harnessing big data for better analytics and more accurate forecasting.

In this exciting time of Finance transformation, our finance veterans are partnering our clients across industries to unleash the potential of finance into the new role of an effective business partner.

Our services include:

Finance Transformation

  • Revising Finance’s mission statement

  • Process improvement

  • Automation to focus on high value work

  • Building competencies to meet business realities

  • Enhancing controls

  • Effective and timely reporting 

  • Working capital optimization

  • Treasury management


Profitability Measurement

  • Profitability measurement methodology

  • Profitability systems implementation

Supporting Business Expansion

  • Building a scalable cross-border Finance team

  • Investment and capital planning

  • Financial business case

  • Leverage strategy

  • Merger & Acquisition

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