Research & Development

The Research and Development (R&D) is the leading forces in a biotechnology firm, paving the way for new innovations, customers and markets.

At BioQuest, we have in-depth knowledge, experience and global connections of subject matter advisors who can partner our biotechnology clients on the journey of globalising R&D.

Our services include:

Setting up a new R&D centre

  • Business and Scientific Planning

    • Feasibility study and creating the business case

    • Location sourcing

    • Research centre capabilities planning

    • Investment budgeting

    • Regulatory compliance


  • Laboratory Setup

    • Laboratory design

    • Selection and procurement of laboratory equipment

    • Manage the process of laboratory build

    • Calibration and testing of laboratory upon completion


  • Laboratory Performance

    • Virtual R&D management

    • Cross-border R&D project management

    • Productivity and performance measurements


Enhancing Current R&D Capabilities

  • Laboratory Enhancements

    • Laboratory capacity assessment

    • Existing laboratories capacity improvement

    • Laboratory infrastructure enhancement

    • Evaluate of laboratory systems and setup

    • Laboratory accreditation

    • Evaluation and implementation of laboratory equipment and technique


  • R&D Optimisation

    • Innovation roadmap

    • R&D acceleration and operating models

    • Project planning (resourcing, infrastructure) and risk management

    • R&D process alignment (customer, strategy and cost)

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