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Intelligent Automation to Drive Business and Operational Performance


Our business world never sleeps. Customers' expectations are getting higher and businesses are competing on higher level of performance everyday.

We all heard about automation and how it helps businesses on improving performance. However, it was never clear on what are the automation technologies? Is it a single technology or many technologies? Where can they fit into our business and how do we prioritize them?

Intelligent Automation is an ecosystem of Automation Technologies with added Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) capabilities to make it smarter to cope with real-life business complexities. It works in different parts of the organization to orchestrate a higher level of performance with optimal resourcing. 

Below is an illustration of what are the key Intelligent Automation technologies and where do they fit in your organization:  

virtual workforce.PNG

@BioQuest Advisory

Software Robots with Cognitive Abilities form the central architecture of the Intelligent Automation. It performs transactional processing like a human, working on your internal systems as well as external ones. It integrates with your existing human workforce as a virtual workforce and supports all functions from procurement, manufacturing operations, supply chain to customers management as well as back-office operations like finance, HR, legal, IT.  

The advantages are:

  • Faster turnaround time to meet customers' expectations

  • Operational 24/7

  • Lower costs and improve quality

  • Helps manage seasonal peak period of work

  • Improves visibility and auditability

  • Free up human's time for more value-added work

  • Allows fast expansion of business without exponential increase in headcount and costs

Our Services in Intelligent Automation

automation services.PNG

We are a one-stop shop for all the essential Intelligent Automation technologies and services you would need to embark on your automation transformational journey.

(A) Cognitive Virtual Workforce

We work with you to identify your current manual processes, optimize them using best in class methodologies like Kaizen, Six Sigma and automate them for operational use as software robots. We empowered your team with training, co-development and automation transformation programs. IT architecture planning & setup, recommendation of software platform, building of automation business case are all part of our services.

Automation can be accelerated through the Hyperautomation platform leveraging heavily on Artificial Intelligence.

accelerate automation.PNG

(B) Intelligent Data Capture

As a business, you would always be receiving documents (i.e. invoices, receipts, contracts, certificates etc.) from external parties and you would not have control over the format and content of these documents.

Traditionally, humans would need to read the content and key into an internal system for record keeping or processing. This is time-consuming, monotonous and prone to error. 

Intelligent Data Capture uses A.I. machine learning models to extract the required data from these documents and digitalize it for input into systems for  processing. Intelligent Data Capture can also be integrated with software robots for further processing on the data extracted. 

intelligent data capture.PNG

We work with your team to source for samples, train the models and deploy the models to operations. 


(C) Enterprise Workflow

It is still common to see organizations using manual forms in Excel, PDF or physical hardcopy for approvals. With the recent pandemic, this practice is inadequate to manage the approval workflow. Moreover, manual forms often requires someone to copy the information for record keeping in systems which is time-consuming and challenging in time-critical processes like  keying in approved "over-time" attendance sheet in time for payroll processing.

end to end flow.PNG

Enterprise Workflow consists of eforms and Smartworkflow can be used throughout the organization as a single platform for all forms and workflows. Each department would have a owner's page to keep all their forms and workflows and publish them on the  intranet, internet or portals. The data collected can then  be updated into other systems. 

The advantages are:

  • Data are digitalized at source, no duplicate effort to do data entry 

  • Encrypted approvals with audit trail that are easily auditable

  • Able to handle complex workflow with multiple criteria 

  • Allow approval on email, ease burden of busy executives to login to the workflow to approve

  • Workflow can be redirected to alternative person for approval in case of leave of absence of the approver

  • Data analytics on duration of workflow and bottlenecks are available for process improvement

We work with your team to do IT infrastructure planning & setup, form & workflow design and configuration, testing and deployment to operations. We also provide training and support for  your team to continue to create forms and workflow on their own.

(D) Apps

Apps is the interface to interact with internal or external users. It can be a mobile app or a portal. This can be integrated with Enterprise Workflow and/or Software Robots for further processing.


(E) A.I. Chatbot

Conventional chatbots have not been particularly impressive with users and most often it didn't understand the context amd meaning of the conversation and most often it is used to direct users around in knowledge portal.

The demand for a conversational chatbot for interacting with customers on products and services is strong and A.I. in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is useful in providing chatbots with the ability to read message in context.

ai chatbot.PNG

We work with your team on the end-to-end implementation of the A.I. chatbot from IT infrastructure & setup to sample data selection, overall design and model training to deployment to operations.


(F) Secured Approval

With the new normal of working remotely, secured approval on contracts are important to safeguard the interest of all contracting parties.

We work with your team to integrate secured approval into the Enterprise Workflow as an additional function.


(G) Target Operating Model and Change Management


Intelligent Automation spans across the entire organization, further reinforcing crucial pillars such as people, process, governance, technology and performance measurement.

automation target operating model.PNG

Designing an Operating Model on Intelligent Automation helps the organization understands the empowerment, controls and usage to navigate with confidence and effectively transform into an "Automation First" culture and mindset.


We work with your internal and external teams to design the Target Operating Model for Intelligent Automation custom fit for your organization.

Our Value Proposition 

Experienced team and broader Advisory practice

A successful Intelligent Automation implementation is not just about developing processes, it requires strong knowledge in governance, compliance, process, people and technology. Our team is experienced not just in technology but also in related skills to provide a one-stop service for all your implementation needs.

Expertise in process improvement methodologies (6 Sigma, Kaizen)

Its never a good idea to automate a sub-optimal process as its just passing the inefficiency and poor controls from the human to robot. Hence, process knowledge to would be critical to set the right process for automation. Our process experts are qualified in improvement methodologies to help evaluate and re-design processes before automation.

Subject Matter Advisors in Finance, Customer Service, HR, Manufacturing, IT, Supply Chain

The automation process design is the most critical part of the automation and domain knowledge and experience would help ensure a well-designed automated process that is optimal and in compliance with regulations and controls. Our domain experts are qualified and are veterans in their areas of expertise to provide domain related advisory.

Strong A.I. technical competency

We have a dedicated Intelligent Automation team with strong A.I. technical knowledge and experience to effectively partner our clients in the many Intelligent Automation technologies implementation and support. 

Regional Offices to support multi-countries implementation

We have offices across major Asia cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai and Shenzhen as well as strong partnerships with reputable consulting firms in Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok and Sydney. 

Methodology, tools and accelerators

We have a strong practice in Intelligent Automation and have build a well tested set of methodology, tools and accelerators to help you accelerate your automation project with best practices

Flexible engagement model to ensure cost effectiveness

We understand its important to ensure cost effectiveness of the automation project and we are most happy to work with you to tailor our services according to your requirements

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