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"What Are You Looking For?" Unveiling the Power of GenAI in Information Retrieval

In today's data-driven landscape, nearly every facet of business operations involves the relentless quest for information. Yet, with approximately 80% of data existing in unstructured formats, organizations face a daunting challenge. Data is often siloed, rapidly changing, and lacking in structure, creating a labyrinth of information that impedes decision-making and stifles productivity. The repercussions are profound: employees spend an average of 30% of their time, equivalent to 2.5 hours per day, searching for elusive data. This not only leads to data duplication but also incurs significant productivity losses, hindering organizational efficiency and innovation.

The Dawn of GenAI

In early 2023, GenAI emerged as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing the way businesses navigate the vast expanse of unstructured data. Gone are the days of keyword-dependent searches; GenAI heralds a new era of contextual understanding, unlocking hidden gems buried within the digital haystack.

Contextual Search: A Paradigm Shift

Traditionally, keyword-based searches offered a limited glimpse into the wealth of information available. However, GenAI's contextual search capabilities redefine the game. Consider this:

User Query: "I have a young family and need affordable insurance with savings."

Keyword Search Result: The result would be every product that has “insurance”, “savings” which is not targeted, and user has to sift through to find the right product.

GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization Result:

  • FamilyGuard Insurance: GenAI presents "FamilyGuard Insurance," a comprehensive plan designed for young families. This product combines life insurance coverage with a savings component, ensuring financial security for the family's future.

  • Affordability Plus: FamilyGuard Insurance offers competitive rates tailored to the budgetary needs of young families. With flexible premium options, it remains accessible while providing robust protection and savings benefits.

Applications Across Industries

GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization’s capabilities revolutionize operations across various industries, offering tailored solutions to diverse challenges:

(1)   Financial Services

In financial services, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization capabilities facilitate: 

  • Self-Service Regulatory Information: Users easily access first-level regulatory information through self-service portals, reducing reliance on compliance department.

  • Simplified Product Discovery for Customers: Customers quickly find suitable products on websites without sifting through filters, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

  • Efficient Customer Service: Customer can effectively find information on the website. Agents access relevant information (e.g. recent email from customer) swiftly during interactions. For quality assurance, GenAI Search can search for customer’s interactions to identify trends and enhance service quality.

 (2)   Government Operations

In governmental operations, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization capabilities play a crucial role in:

  • Seamless Information Access: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization facilitates seamless access to a vast array of information within government databases and archives. Users, including government officials, policymakers, and citizens, can quickly retrieve relevant documents, reports, and data sets, streamlining research and decision-making processes.

  • Policy Analysis: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization’s advanced analytical capabilities assist in policy analysis by aggregating and summarizing complex policy documents. Government officials can efficiently review and analyze policy proposals, identify key insights, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights.

  • Citizen Engagement: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization enhances citizen engagement by providing intuitive search functionalities for government websites and portals. Citizens can easily find information about public services, programs, events and initiatives, facilitating active participation in government processes and decision-making.

  • Surveillance and Supervision: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization aids government agencies in surveillance and supervision activities by efficiently analysing licensee data and regulatory compliance documents. With GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization's capabilities, government agencies can monitor and supervise licensees more effectively, ensuring adherence to regulations and standards.

 (3)   Supply Chain

In supply chain management, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization capabilities facilitate efficient access and analysis of unstructured documents such as government custom declarations, agreements, SLAs, and other regulatory documents.

  • Seamless Document Access: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization enables seamless access to a diverse range of unstructured documents relevant to supply chain management. This includes government custom declarations, agreements, SLAs, and other regulatory documents, which are often scattered across various sources and formats.

  • Comprehensive Analysis: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization provides comprehensive analysis of unstructured documents, extracting key insights, trends, and critical information relevant to supply chain dynamics. This enables organizations to gain deeper understanding and actionable insights into supplier performance, market trends, regulatory compliance, and potential risks.

  • Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization supports regulatory compliance efforts by facilitating easy retrieval and analysis of regulatory documents. Organizations can quickly identify relevant regulations, track compliance requirements, and ensure adherence to legal and contractual obligations, thereby mitigating compliance risks and improving overall governance.

 (4)   Biotech/Pharma

In the biotech/pharma sector, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization plays a pivotal role in accelerating drug discovery, clinical trial processes, and regulatory compliance.

  • Regulatory Compliance: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization aids in regulatory compliance by extracting pertinent information from regulatory documents, research reports, clinical trial data, and other sources. By automating the extraction of information for analysis of regulatory requirements and guidelines, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization streamlines compliance efforts, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and standards.

  • Drug Discovery: Through analysis of vast amounts of data, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization helps to expediate the search process to identify potential drug candidates and predict patient responses.

  • Clinical Trial Processes: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization streamlines clinical trial processes by extracting key points from clinical trial reports, patient data, and trial outcomes. This facilitates efficient review and interpretation of trial results, enabling researchers and clinicians to make data-driven decisions and accelerate the development of innovative therapies.

(5)   Manufacturing

In manufacturing operations, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization leverages contextual search and summarization to unlock insights from unstructured data across various facets of operations.

  • Production Data Analysis: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization delve into unstructured data sources like reports (e.g. incident, quality, maintenance notes), emails, and customer feedback. By uncovering trends and insights hidden within this data, the search results empower manufacturers to optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and maintain customer satisfaction.

  • Sensor Data Annotations: While sensor data itself may be structured, annotations or textual descriptions associated with sensor readings can be unstructured. For example, maintenance technicians may enter textual notes when inspecting equipment or recording observations. GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization can extract these unstructured annotations alongside structured sensor data, providing a holistic view of equipment performance and maintenance requirements. This enables manufacturers to proactively identify potential equipment failures, schedule preventive maintenance, and minimize unplanned downtime. 

  • Quality Control Optimization: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization facilitates quality control optimization by searching through the unstructured data from quality assurance reports, inspection records, and customer feedback. By identifying patterns and anomalies, the search results enable manufacturers to improve product quality, enhance compliance with quality standards, and reduce the risk of defects or recalls.

Empowers Support Functions

GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization revolutionizes support functions within organizations, offering tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity:

  1. Procurement: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization enables easy retrieval of agreements, SLAs, vendor documents, and past RFPs, facilitating vendor quality audits, creation of new RFPs, and SLA checks. By providing quick access to relevant documents, GenAI streamlines procurement processes and supports informed decision-making.

  2. Legal: With GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization, legal professionals can easily retrieve relevant sections of regulations, past agreements, and similar documents for reference when creating new agreements or navigating regulatory frameworks. By streamlining document retrieval, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization empowers legal teams to efficiently manage legal tasks and mitigate risk.

  3.  Customer Service: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization empower customer self-service by enabling easy access to relevant information online. Additionally, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization equips customer service agents with the ability to quickly find information, such as recent interactions or email correspondence, improving response times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

  4.  IT: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization aids IT helpdesks in understanding the nature of issues reported by users, prioritizing and categorizing them effectively. By analysing helpdesk tickets and providing actionable insights, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization streamlines IT support processes and optimizes resource allocation, ultimately improving IT service delivery.

  5.  HR: With GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization, HR departments can offer self-service options for complex queries related to benefits, learning, and other HR functions. By providing easy access to relevant information and resources, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization enhances employee experience and empowers HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.

GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization vs. Public ChatGPT

While public chat-based AI systems offer glimpses of the future, they fall short in addressing the unique needs of business intelligence and data security. Unlike generic chat systems, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization software is purpose-built for enterprise applications, ensuring accurate taxonomy mapping, mitigating LLM hallucinations, and guaranteeing confidentiality in sensitive data searches. With a ready-made solution, implementation is swift, seamless, and tailored to the specific requirements of businesses. One key GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization software prominent in the global market is Swiss Software Squirro (

Empowering Data Insights

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, tapping into unstructured data marks the first pivotal step toward AI adoption. With GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization, businesses gain: 

  • Unprecedented Insights: GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization unlocks invaluable insights hidden within unstructured data, empowering organizations to make informed decisions and drive innovation.

  •  Efficiency Amplification: By streamlining data analysis processes, GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization accelerates productivity, minimizes manual effort, and maximizes resource utilization.

  •  Competitive Advantage: Leveraging GenAI Contextual Search/Summarization enables organizations to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to market trends swiftly, and maintain a competitive edge.

Embrace GenAI contextual search and summarization to revolutionize your AI strategy and propel your business toward unparalleled success.

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